"If you can't explain
it simply, you don't
understand it well
enough" Albert Einstein


We create digital experiences with soul

Soul food, soul music: sensual experiences that feel like they were made just for you. That’s how we believe digital experiences should feel.

Plastic is a boutique studio; small but perfectly formed, with a focus on quality. We are a close-knit team skilled in visual design and creative coding, and specialising in the development of digital experiences with a human-centred approach.


We put people first

Human-centred means putting people at the heart of what we do. Through research, we learn what they want, what they need, and what they expect. Inspired by these insights, we conceptualize, design, prototype, test and refine our ideas. The results are digital experiences that put people first.


We believe experience matters

Successful digital experiences should function practically and emotionally, and deliver for our clients exactly what their customers need. We believe a human-centred design approach is the best way to achieve this.


We are Plastic

We don’t do campaigns. We are all about people, process and making better digital experiences. We work with brands, startups, digital agencies and product developers. We love clients with energy, open minds, and a desire to do the best for their customers.

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